BIRS 2023: Schedule

Friday 28, July


Warm welcome to all participants by organizers.


Round of introductions so participants can get to know each other.

SimPEG and Fatiando Talks
Profile picture of Lindsey Heagy

Some personal reflections on a decade of SimPEG

Lindsey Heagy
University of British Columbia

Profile picture of Leonardo Uieda

The Fatiando a Terra project

Leonardo Uieda
Universidade de São Paulo / University of Liverpool

Talk recording / Slides

Saturday 29, July

Welcome talk by BIRS staff
Profile picture of Craig Miller
Profile picture of Dominique Fournier

Complete Open-source Software Processing Workflow: From Field Data to Publication

Craig Miller1 and Dominique Fournier2
1GNS Science and 2Mira Geoscience

Profile picture of Andrea Balza Morales

Using open-source tools to bridge the gap between geology and geophysics

Andrea Balza Morales
RWTH Aachen University

Profile picture of Jiajia Sun

Building 3D quasi-geology models and predicting mineral resources using joint inversion and open-source code

Jiajia Sun
Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Houston

Breakout Questions: Group Discussions

Participants will form groups to have discussions around topics like future research and developments, community building and diversity, and sustainability of the projects.

Report back to main group

Each group will present the main discussion details to the rest of the participants.

Breakout Questions: Group Discussions (cont)
Report back to main group
Coffee break
Breakout Questions: Writing

After having discussions around the main topics of the Workshop, participants will capture their thoughts in collaboratively shared documents.

Wrap up: Saturday

Sunday 30, July

Breakfast and Checkout

Organizers will go through the main highlights from Saturday and set the scene for today's activities.

Making ideas real

Groups will be formed around the main discussion topics to work on future roadmaps, tackle the main issues raised on Saturday, and start designing possible solutions.

Making ideas real (cont)
Packup and leave

All times are in Banff's timezone (MDT).